December 5, 2023

Tinubu, a presidential candidate for the APC, asserts that the PDP should no longer exist.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president, told party members over the weekend that they didn’t need to worry about the PDP’s bluster because the two parties weren’t on same footing to begin with.
Yet Tinubu, who spoke at the Abuja unveiling of the Tinubu/Shettima door-to-door campaign group, questioned how and why the PDP was still in existence despite being in power for sixteen years and allegedly failing as a government.
Additionally, Senator Kashim Shettima, the vice-presidential candidate for the APC, boasted during his speech at the event that if won in 2023, his administration would transform the nation into an industrial one in order to reverse the current economic crisis.

However, in response to Tinubu, the PDP has advised the APC presidential candidate to cease blustering and first address claims relating to his numerous name changes, as well as purported discrepancies in his age and educational background.
In a related event, Senator Hope Uzodinma, the governor of Imo State and a member of the APC, advised the Igbo to forget about the presidency in 2023 and said they could only produce a president of their ancestry until they reached an agreement with Nigeria.

Despite the PDP’s apparent lack of direction, Tinubu, who oozed such confidence, advised his party members not to worry about the opposition. “We don’t only scream obscenities and insults at the opposition party. We do not require it. We are superior to them in intelligence, brilliance, courage, and other ways. They spent 16 years doing this and completely forgot that the entire country is covered by a railway network that can be used for hauling, people transportation, animal transportation, and food transportation.

“When they (PDP) arrived, they converted it into an incubator. I’m curious as to why they are still a party today. These are individuals that are still engaged in a power struggle inside their party and are seeking guidance. We are definitely not equal; we are intelligent. Let them follow; we know the way.

“PDP, or the poverty development party, is nothing to be concerned about. Let’s turn down the heat today. The time to run for office is not yet. They’ll hear from us a lot.
“We are a party that supports progressive ideas. We want our kids to receive a good education, for Nigeria to flourish and prosper, and for agricultural and agro-related initiatives to be started, the man stated.
When asked about the APC’s plans for Nigeria, Tinubu claimed that the party already had a plan in place to address the issues the nation was facing.

“We have the faith that, we have what it takes,” he said. For the prosperity of your children, we have the wisdom, fortitude, and drive to recognize Nigeria’s challenges, confront them head-on, and find solutions. We’ll ensure the future, employment for your grandchildren, and advancement.

“All we are doing is organizing ourselves, planning, and strategizing to meet the problem at hand.”
We are on the verge of making history, Shettima stated, while pointing out that Tinubu’s presidency would transform Nigeria into an industrialized country. Due to the transition from the agricultural to the industrial eras, the world economy is heading into a recession.

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