September 25, 2022


Food has always been man’s primary need, but it is not enough that food is made available, the manner in which that food was made is equally important, as food hygiene has become a matter of concern over past years, a dozen people have battled with food poisoning as a result of eating contaminated food, either poorly prepared or that which was prepared in an unhealthy environment.

Let’s not forget, how the food tastes is Worthy of consideration when picking a Canteen to patronize.

It is with these in mind that we have prepared some of the best food spots for you to visit whenever you have cravings for locally prepared meals in the Sagamu area of Ogun state.

Located at No 3.Ijokun Araromi street, the restaurant owned by Grace Oguntunde offers a variety of local appetizing delicacies at seemingly low cost. The Restaurant was founded seven years ago with a view to solving the problem of poorly prepared meals residents of Ijokun and yonder were experiencing.

A quick dash at the canteen will avail you the opportunity to sample different meals like Amala, Fufu, Ewedu, Semovita, Eba, Obe ata, etc.
Rice, Yam and beans, spaghetti, to mention but a few are not left out in the canteen’s Menu.

When it comes to the preparation of catfish and goat meat, FOLA Fat is arguably the best place to stop by when you have these cravings, the restaurant which has been existing since 2007 and has left a mark in the restaurant business, cooks working under a hygienic supervised environment has produced among the best delicacies to ever come out from an African Kitchen.

The high rate of patronage it receives is proof of its excellent delivery.

Mrs. Folafat was born into the restaurant business as her late mother had owned a restaurant 25 years ago when she was 15 years, she worked as a cook in her mother’s restaurant, learning the nitty-gritty of the business at a very tender age.


For any stranger coming into Sagamu for the first time with a craving for a sumptuous local dish, one might as well consider eating a bowl of Amala and goat meat vegetab

le soup right there in the car park before continuing your journey.

The great part of this local canteen is that it has been in the Kara Ikorodu Car park for over 20 years now, with two other branches in Express Junction and Eleyoowo.

With just #500 you can eat a delicious meal sparingly at the Ayobami Canteen

The next spot you might want to check for a tantalizing bowl of ofada rice is the 40 years old Olororo Ofada Rice Canteen.

You are bound to see people trooping in and out of this small local kitchen every morning, with cars parked on the roadside joining the queue.

The aroma of Ofada stew mixed with smoke from the firewood used in cooking makes the stew even more tantalizing.

Despite the economic situation of the country, you are allowed to walk into this canteen with #200 and step out with a bowl of delicious Ofada Rice.

Your experience with eating local dishes would be incomplete without you tasting at least a morsel of Opeyemi Olaoga’s solid indigenous meal.

This 10-year-old restaurant is bound to provide you with aromalicious soups like egusi and ogunfe, obe-ata with assorted meat, eforiro, efo elegusi, and lots more at a very low cost.

With just #500 you can eat a delicious bowl of solid indigenous meal in Opeyemi Olaoga Food Canteen just situated around Total Filling Station along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

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