February 8, 2023


Builders, bricklayers, and house owners at Ode-Remo are beginning to feel utterly threatened by the effects of thieves and buglers on their buildings either undergoing construction or completed.

It was reported that a completed building at teacher estate, Ode-Remo has been burgled by thieves as different parts of the building were destroyed and equipments like windows’ rod, pillar rod and frontal ark and iron were stolen.

The head of bricklayer community Ode-Remo while addressing the situation said “This is becoming uncalled-for because why would someone spend a lot to build a house then some group of people called thieves would come and destroy the property just to steal away the iron rod, ark, and pillars? It’s a shame and I hope the authority can do something about it”.

He further advised house owners and bricklayers to be cautious and keep watch on their properties to prevent further reoccurrence of the appalling situation.

“Very soon, I believe the evildoers will be apprehended, and they will face the wrath of the law because this act is a criminal offense, and they must be appropriately punished” he added.

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