March 24, 2023


The singer became popular after Olamide featured in his song, “Sometimes”. Fast rising singer, TI Blaze, has expressed his greatest gratitude to the famous singer, Olamide Badoo, for helping his career take a positive turn.

TI Blaze, who is popular for his hit single Sometimes featuring Olamide, took to Instagram to count his blessings. The song became a street anthem after Olamide featured in a remix version, which captured the hearts of many.

Sharing several photos of his new car and house on Instagram, TI Blaze made his love for Badoo known to the public by appreciating him
He wrote: “Went from GRASS to GRACE … I’m thankful, oh lord. Big Congratulations to myself…. New crib, New Ride! Olamide Badoo I love you till eternity!”.

It’s pivotal to remember that this is not the first time an artist has praised Olamide in public for supporting their musical endeavors.

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