June 10, 2023

Antar Laniyan thankful for the disclosure of streaming platforms


Thespian actor, Antar Laniyan believes the proliferation of these platforms will raise the calibre of Nollywood movies.

Popular Nollywood actor and film producer, Antar Laniyan, has expressed his
delight at the emergence of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Showmax, Prime Video, and others in the Nigerian film industry.

This was revealed by the seasoned actor during a Monday exclusive interview with Midweek Entertainment. He claimed that the extant of these streaming platforms prevented the release of subpar films, forcing movie makers and others to work harder to generate acceptable results.

He said;

“Things are a lot better now compared to how it was when I started acting. There’s Netflix, DSTV, Showmax, and many more. They are making things better. It is good to have them around. Technically, they have made the movie industry better. Now, if you submit any movie to Netflix, they don’t accept it except if it is up to the required standard.”

Further stating that no one wants their film to be rejected, Laniyan claimed that this emergence has resulted in a spiralling boom in the film industry.

They don’t take anything that is substandard and this is a good challenge for us. If you want your movie to be on Netflix or any other movie streaming platform,you must work hard and make sure you meet the standards.

“Even if you don’t meet up to with the standards,you work harder to make it. No one wants to make substandard films anymore because it won’t be accepted”.

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