September 26, 2023

President Buhari Reappoints Idris Musa as DG of NOSDRA

The President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday, approved the reappointment of Idris Musa as the Director-General of the National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) citing his “sterling performance in the past four years” as reason for the re-appointment.


According to a statement issued by Olusegun Shogbola, the media aide to Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi, the rappointment of Musa which will take effect from April 1, 2023. Which his reappointment after his first appointment in 2019, “follows the significant achievements recorded by NOSDRA under his watch in the last four years.”


“Prominent amongst these were the digitalisation of the agency’s records, review of various forms for oil spills management processes, and the review of environmental sensitivity index map,” the statement said.


“The map is used in the oil-producing areas to protect the vulnerable, sensitive and fragile ecosystem of the Niger Delta region.


“He also carried out many awareness campaigns on the dangers of vandalism of oil facilities.


“Musa also revolutionised online and real-time processing of environmental compliance documents and management as well as the National Gas Flare Tracker and Oil Spill Monitor.


“These are part of efforts to showcase transparency in environmental management in the oil and gas industry,” the statement reads.

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