December 3, 2023

Presidential Tribunal: Obi’s Petition Adjourned Due to Illness of Key Staff Members


The Presidential Election Petition by the Labour Party and its candidate, Peter Obi, against President Bola Tinubu has been adjourned to June 1 due to the unexpected illness of two key staff members of Obi’s legal team. The petitioners’ counsel, Awa Kalu, SAN, requested an adjournment till tomorrow, which was granted by the President of the court, Justice Haruna Tsammani.


The petitioners had planned to present their documents in court today, but the sudden illness of two key staff members of their legal team made it impossible. The counsel for the petitioners apologized for the inconvenience and assured the court that they would be present tomorrow morning and proceed with the case with vigour. The respondents’ counsel initially opposed the request for adjournment but was overruled by the court.


The adjournment of the case is a setback for the petitioners, who are seeking to challenge the outcome of the presidential election. The case has generated a lot of interest among Nigerians, who are following the proceedings closely.


The adjournment will give the petitioners an opportunity to regroup and prepare their case more effectively. The respondents, on the other hand, will have more time to prepare their defense. The adjournment is a reminder of the importance of good health and the need for everyone to take care of themselves to avoid unexpected setbacks.

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