July 21, 2024

Lagos State Government Commences Demolition of Illegal Shanties on Coastal Road



Tokunbo Wahab, Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, underlined the government’s unwavering commitment to urban regeneration plans during a visit to supervise the enforcement as the Lagos State Government initiates the removal of illegal shanties and structures along the Lagos Coastal Road in Maiyegun Estate, near Jakande, within the Lekki area.


The ongoing demolition is part of a broader regeneration strategy outlined in the Lagos State Development Plan. Simultaneous demolition exercises are taking place in various areas across the state, including Ijora Under Bridge, Obalende Under Bridge, and Orile. The Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Mahamood Adegbite, stressed the importance of residents adhering to town planning laws to prevent alterations to the state’s urban development plan.

According to Wahab, the government conducted an inventory of buildings with legal documentation before the enforcement exercise. Buildings with proper documentation have been identified and will not be affected by the demolition. He clarified that the state has been actively engaging with occupants of illegal structures since 2022, urging them to vacate the premises.


Residents who had not been registered in the Lagos State Resident Registration Agency (LASRRA) database were found occupying many illegal shanties. The Commissioner expressed concern over the lack of accountability for these residents, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive database for effective governance and social amenity provision.


Wahab emphasized that the expansion of shanties and illegal structures not only poses security risks but also provides havens for criminals and destitute individuals. He debunked claims by squatters that they were not issued relocation notices, stating that the government had provided a four-day relocation notice to illegal occupants along the Lagos Coastal Road in Mayegun, Lekki.

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