July 21, 2024

Shekinah Praise: A Night to Remember at Radical Praise 6.0



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


New Testament Life Mission was ablaze with divine energy on Friday, June 15, 2024, as worshippers gathered for the highly anticipated Radical Praise 6.0 concert, themed “Shekinah Praise.”


Hosted by Cedar, this event was an extraordinary night of worship, bringing together an impressive array of guest ministers whose electrifying performances ensured an unforgettable spiritual experience.

The atmosphere was charged with a sense of God’s presence as each guest minister took the stage and delivered electrifying but soulful melodies which resonated deeply with the audience.


The Radical Praise 6.0 concert was not just an event but a profound encounter with the divine, marked by unity and passionate worship. Each minister’s contribution was vital in creating an atmosphere where worshippers could truly feel the “Shekinah” – the manifest glory of God.

The guest ministers who graced the event include: Minister FOG, Darey Praise, Tunde Onijoba, Evangelist Lekan Remilekun Amos, Olabest, Shola Adeshina, Ajulo Jesu, Adeola Testimony, Segun Praise, Neyor Splash, Jbest Antonio, Psalm Gideonite, Papa Sam and Korede Victoria.

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