July 21, 2024

Woman Dies After Receiving Injection from Unqualified Nurse in Ogun


The Ogun State Police Command has launched an investigation into the death of 39-year-old Afusat Ololade, who allegedly died after receiving an injection in the Ita Baale area of Ifo. The incident occurred around 4:07 pm on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.


According to sources, Ololade had been undergoing treatment for a brief illness at the residence of a self-proclaimed native doctor, Alabede Libagi. When Libagi suspected he could no longer manage her condition, he reportedly sought the help of an auxiliary nurse, Oyin Israel, who administered the fatal injection. Ololade passed away shortly afterward.


Command spokesperson, Odutola Omolola, confirmed the incident, stating, “Our Ifo Division has arrested the three suspects after the matter was reported by the deceased’s daughter. The deceased was taken to the general hospital in the area which confirmed her death. Three persons have been arrested in relation to the crime.”


The arrests include the native doctor, the auxiliary nurse, and the motorcyclist who transported them to Ololade’s location. The police are now working to uncover the full details surrounding the incident.

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