July 21, 2024

Meta Introduces Monetisation Options for Nigerian and Ghanaian Creators




Meta has announced that content creators in Nigeria and Ghana with at least 5,000 followers will be able to start earning money on Facebook starting July 1, 2024.


This move is part of Meta’s effort to empower creators by introducing two new monetisation features: In-Stream Ads and Facebook Ads on Reels.


According to Meta’s statement, these features will allow creators to generate revenue by producing original videos and engaging with their communities. The company highlighted that eligible creators in both countries can monetise their video and reel content, with support available in over 30 languages globally.


“To use either product, creators must comply with Facebook’s partnership and content monetisation policies and be at least 18 years old,” the statement noted. “Additionally, for in-stream ads, creators must have a minimum of 5,000 followers.”


Moon Baz, Global Partnerships Lead for Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey at Meta, commented on the rollout: “Every day, we’re inspired by the incredible African creators who use Facebook to tell their stories, connect with others, and bring people together. This expansion will empower eligible creators in the vibrant creative industry across Nigeria and Ghana to earn money while setting the bar high for creativity globally, making Meta’s family of apps the go-to platform for all creators.”


Meta elaborated on the types of In-Stream Ads, which can play before, during, or after on-demand videos, including pre-recorded content and recordings of previous live streams. These include Pre-roll Ads (playing before a video starts), Mid-roll Ads (during videos), Image Ads (static images displayed beneath the content), and Post-roll Ads (appearing at the end of videos).


Additionally, Ads on Facebook Reels will integrate seamlessly into original Reels, enabling creators to earn based on the performance of their content. This new feature aims to entertain fans while providing a steady income stream for creators.

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