July 21, 2024

Pregnant Teenager Rescued from Suicide Attempt


Lagos police officers assigned to the Ikorodu Area Command have rescued a 19-year-old pregnant teenager who was on the brink of taking her life.


The young woman, eight months pregnant, had reached out to a friend, expressing despair after being abandoned by her boyfriend and facing threats from her employer over a financial mishap.


Upon receiving information about her suicidal intentions, Area Commander Mr. Musendique Orobiyi promptly dispatched a team of female detectives to locate and save her. The officers traced her to Iyana-Iyesi in Ogun State, where they found her preparing to ingest a bottle of sniper pesticide.


The detectives brought her back to the Ikorodu Area Command, providing her with immediate support, including food and clothing, before transferring her to the gender unit at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters in Ikeja.


The teenager, who requested anonymity, shared her ordeal, revealing that her troubles began after her boyfriend denied the pregnancy and disappeared. Adding to her distress, she was defrauded of N100,000 by a customer while working as a Point of Sale (POS) operator. With no financial means for prenatal care and no support system, she felt life had become unbearable.


“My trouble started after I got pregnant for my boyfriend, who subsequently denied the pregnancy and later moved out of where he lived around Oshodi. When we were dating, he said he loved me and that he wants to marry me, but immediately I got pregnant and informed him, he denied me. As if that was not enough trouble for me, I was duped of N100,000, where I worked as a POS attendant. Someone used fake alert to defraud me,” she recounted.


Despite her hardships, the young woman expressed gratitude for the unexpected compassion and assistance from the police. “I don’t know that the police can help like this. They brought me to Ikorodu and while I was there, they were contributing money to feed and clothe me. Their Area Commander was marvellous. He made sure I was very well treated,” she said.

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