July 21, 2024

Omooba Solaja Olatunji Adekunle Installed as Olisa-Oba Ipoji Kingdom, Sagamu


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


In a joyous celebration of culture and heritage, the 6th of June saw a stately welcome of, Omooba Solaja Olatunji Adekunle, as the new Olisa-Oba of Ipoji Kingdom, Sagamu.


The traditional rites started with a dynamic walk to the palace where he was being installed the crown as the Olisa-Oba of Ipoji Kingdom, Sagamu. Family, friends, well-wishers came out enmasse to felicitate and rejoice with the newly crowned Olisa-Oba.

The festivities was colourful as the rhythmic beats of the traditional drums echoed thought the street of Ipoji. The event was presided over by elders and revered spiritual leaders who prayed blessings for a prosperous reign.


After the installation ceremony, festive feast, music, and dance continued at Oriyanrin Playing Ground, Sagamu with family and friends coming together to celebrate this occasion, hoping for a successful reign of the newly appointed Olisa-Oba.

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