July 21, 2024

Remolanders Club Provides Life-Saving Medical Aid to Indigent Patient in Sagamu, Ogun State


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


In a heartwarming act of generosity, the Remolanders Club in Sagamu has stepped in to provide crucial medical assistance to Miss Motunrayo Adekunle, a young woman suffering from a Thyroid Function Gland Disorder (TFGD).


Motunrayo, facing dire financial constraints, was unable to afford the urgent surgery she needed at a specialist hospital in the Government Reserved Area (GRA), Sagamu.

However, the Remolanders Club, known for its consistent community support, covered the full cost of the surgery and also provided additional funds for post-operative care and necessary medication.


In a statement released by the Remolanders Club, Mr. Oluwole Dawodu, President of the Remolanders Club underscored the club’s stance in matters that require dire external assistance/support. He said, “Conscientiousness in the service to humanity has always been our guiding principle, our collective commitment to supporting the vulnerable in our society drives us to contribute and assist in any way we can.”


Dawodu emphasized that the club’s efforts are part of a broader mission to provide developmental assistance and support societal growth, acknowledging that the government alone cannot meet all needs.


Adekunle, who has shown remarkable recovery following the surgery, expressed her heartfelt gratitude and offered prayers to God on behalf of the club. She and her Grandmother especially thanked Remolanders Club’s Social Director, Olumide Bhadmus, for his constant support and regular visits during her hospital stay. “I thank RemoLanders Club for what they’ve done for me, I’m deeply grateful,” she said.


Bhadmus shared his emotional response to the family’s plight, revealing that they had sought help from numerous sources before turning to the Remolanders Club. “Hearing about their struggles deeply moved me, and I had to table the matter before the Club in which everyone agreed to help” he said.


The Remolanders Club successfully raised a total of ₦635,000 for Adekunle’s care, with ₦400,000 allocated for the surgery, ₦200,000 for her post-surgery needs, and ₦35,000 for logistical support during the procedure.

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