February 28, 2024

Staff and management of Remo TV hold first AGM for 2023

The management, board of trustees and staff of Remo TV on Friday, 6th January 2023 had the first general meeting to commence the official operation for the year 2023. The purpose of the meeting is to re motivate and charge all staff on better operation and service delivery for the new year.

The CEO, Babatunde Sebotimo David In his opening address appreciated the whole staff for their obvious input in the growth of the organization last year, and he promised everyone that 2023 will be a better one.

“I want to really appreciate you all for what you did last year, it was a collective effort and the result came forth. Of course, we made numerous mistakes last year, but this year, we’d do everything possible not to repeat such”

“I want to specially appreciate the new, production, social media and marketing department for all their efforts, you all really did your best, and I’d appreciate if you’d do better this year” he added.

Mr. David reiterated how much all staff need to bring about good character both in the organization and to the public as all staff are representatives of the firm and they must individually do everything to be a good ambassador and put out positive image to the public.

The COO, Oluduro Jeremiah, lectured the staff on the new codes of conduct and policy of the organization, stating emphatically that anyone who defaults will go through the disciplinary actions without holding back.

“These new policies are there to guide us all, so we can know we are here for work and nothing else; hence, everything should be done according to the organization’s rules and regulations” he said.

Conclusively, Mr. Kolade Kadeshprince, a consultant advised all staff on the need to wake up from their sleep to action and responsibility, noting that many competitors are coming up, and they shouldn’t beat us at our game. He stated how well all departments performed last year, but affirmed how better we need to be, so we can keep going.

He stated the fact that all staff must understand the vision and mission of the organization and do everything to work towards achieving the set objectives.

The meeting came to a close with an Islamic prayer from miss Salewa who is one of the staff from the production department.

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