May 27, 2024

Lagos State Calls On Contractors To Hasten Work On Revenue House

Lagos State Calls On Contractors To Hasten Work On Revenue House

Lagos State Calls On Contractors To Hasten Work On Revenue House


By:JP Ashedzi

The Lagos State Governor through the new Special Adviser on Works and Infrastructure, Dr Adekunle Olayinka, has called on contractors handling the Lagos Revenue House and the reconstruction of the Ile-Pako to accelerate the delivery of the projects.

This according to him, is to provide staff with enough office space and to avoid variation in the completion costs of the projects.

The special adviser, while on a tour of the Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant House), promised to ensure the timely completion of office infrastructure projects in the state.

The Lagos Revenue House (formerly Elephant House) building consists of four wings of seven floors plus a wing of eight floors and the reconstruction of the Ile-Pako (Wooden Block) – a bungalow structure with office spaces occupied by staff of the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education.

Olayinka was accompanied by top officials of the state government, led by the Permanent Secretary, Office of Infrastructure, Adebayo Odusanya, during a visit to some iconic office structures.

According to Olayinka, the visit, aside from being a strong indication of the determination to ensure prompt completion of the projects conceived by the Lagos State government, was also meant to accommodate most parastatals of the state within the secretariat’s vicinity.

During the visit to the Lagos Revenue House located in te Central Business District, Ikeja, the special adviser observed the need to accelerate the completion of the project to meet prompt delivery.

Some of the facilities provided for the building are borehole water, storage tank, water treatment plant, central, sewage treatment plants, pumping machines. Other ancillary facilities include four gatehouses, a generator house, a central open courtyard, four lifts, offices, toilets and other conveniences.

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