June 15, 2024

Breaking: Gateway Polytechnic Students Protest Inadequate Security Measures


By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi

Students of Gateway Polytechnic in Saapade, Ogun state, took to the streets and campus gate today to protest the alarming lack of security in their residential areas.

Frustrated and concerned for their safety, the students held placards with bold messages such as “Say No to Robbery, Our Lives Matter.” They demanded immediate action from both local authorities and the school administration to address the ongoing incidents of robbery, assault, and harassment in their community.

The students expressed their disappointment that despite previous appeals, no concrete steps have been taken to ensure their security. They emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive plan to combat the rising crime rates and protect their well-being. The protest aimed to raise awareness and draw attention to these pressing issues, with the hope that their voices would finally be heard.

In response to the protest, the school authorities have ordered the immediate evacuation of the campus until further notice. This decision was made to prioritize the safety and well-being of the students. It is a temporary measure while the authorities assess the security situation and work towards implementing effective measures to safeguard the students’ lives and property.

Credit: Cole

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