May 27, 2024

Remo Secondary School Old Students Association of 2002 Holds Heartwarming Reunion Ceremony



Remo Secondary School Old Students Association of 2002 on Saturday held a fantastic reunion ceremony. The event took place at the LBC Event Center in Sagamu, bringing together the old students who were filled with joy at the chance to see each other again after all these years.


During the reunion, the president of the 2002 set, Taiwo Omotunde, gave a heartfelt speech that had everyone feeling nostalgic and inspired. It was truly a special moment as he expressed his excitement and gratitude for reconnecting with his old classmates. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and happiness as they reminisced about their shared memories and the good times they had at Remo Secondary School.

Not only did President Taiwo Omotunde’s speech brings back a flood of emotions, but the event also provided an opportunity for the attendees to pay their respects to their late classmates. A moment of silence was observed, honoring the memory of those who couldn’t be there to celebrate the reunion.


Overall, the reunion ceremony was a massive success, filled with laughter, hugs, and the joy of rekindling old friendships.

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