June 15, 2024

Dapo Abiodun Joins Remo Christians in Christmas Celebration at St. James Anglican Church


By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


In a display of unity and faith, Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun and his wife, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun, alongside several top government officials, joined the Remo Christian community in celebrating Christmas at St. James Anglican Church in Iperu.


This annual tradition, held on December 25th, symbolizes the birth of Christ and brings Christians together in worship centers across the region.


The governor, accompanied by his wife, attended the Christmas service, where they were warmly welcomed by the congregation. The atmosphere was filled with joy and reverence as prayers were offered, hymns were sung, and the message of love and hope was shared. Governor Abiodun’s presence at the service highlighted his commitment to supporting and celebrating the religious diversity within Ogun State.


Addressing the congregation, Governor Abiodun expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to worship alongside the Remo Christian community. He emphasized the importance of unity and faith, especially during this festive season. The governor’s presence, along with other government officials, served as a reminder of the significance of Christmas and the shared values that bring people together.


The Christmas celebration at St. James Anglican Church in Iperu was not only a moment of worship but also a reflection of the strong bond between the government and the Christian community in Remo.

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