July 16, 2024

High Cost of Living in Remo Impacts School Resumption: Parents and Guardians Express Concerns



By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


As schools reopened for the new academic session, parents and guardians in Remo have voiced their concerns over the high cost of living impacting their children’s resumption. Many families are struggling to afford essential items such as bags, books, and other supplies, which have seen a significant increase in prices. The rising expenses have made it difficult for parents to provide their children with the necessary tools for a successful school year.


In an interview with Mrs. Adeola, a parent in Iperu Remo, she expressed her frustration over the escalating prices of educational materials. “It’s disheartening to see the prices of basic items double in such a short period,” Mrs. Adeola shared. “As a single mother, I’m finding it increasingly challenging to meet the demands of my child’s education. The high cost of living has made it difficult for many parents like me to provide our children with the necessary supplies they need for school.”


The concerns raised by parents and guardians have shed light on the impact of the rising cost of living on education in Remo. As the community faces these challenges, it is hoped that relevant authorities and stakeholders will take necessary steps to address the issue and ensure that every child has equal access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

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