April 18, 2024

Lagos State Governor Sends Off Super Eagles with Hopes for AFCON 2023 Victory


By: Ogunleye Oluwapelumi


In an event held at Lagos State, the governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, bid farewell to the Super Eagles as they prepare for the highly anticipated 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. The governor expressed his admiration for the team, acknowledging the weight of responsibility they carry as representatives of the nation. He offered his prayers for their strength, resilience, and unity throughout the tournament, emphasizing his unwavering support.


During the send-off ceremony, Governor Sanwo-Olu addressed the Super Eagles directly, urging them to play with unwavering passion, unity, and determination. He emphasized the significance of their performance in making Nigeria proud.

With hopes held high, the governor expressed his desire for the team to bring the coveted AFCON trophy back home, igniting a sense of national pride and unity.


As the Super Eagles embark on their journey to the Africa Cup of Nations, the support of Lagos State and the entire nation is firmly behind them. The governor’s heartfelt send-off serves as a reminder of the immense expectations and hopes that rest upon the team’s shoulders.


With the governor’s words resonating in their hearts, the Super Eagles are poised to showcase their talent, dedication, and indomitable spirit on the grandest stage of African football.

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