May 27, 2024

FRSC Urges Ogun Companies to Prioritize Driver Training for Safer Road Usage 


The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Ogun Command has called on companies in the state to prioritize the training of their drivers. The Sector Commander, Uga, emphasized the critical need for a shift in driving culture to mitigate the risks associated with reckless driving on the roads.


Uga underscored the importance of companies within Ogun State taking the initiative to train their drivers, emphasizing that such training plays a pivotal role in fostering attitudinal changes.


According to the Sector Commander, the collaboration between companies and FRSC personnel in driver training is essential to creating a safer environment for the motoring public. He highlighted that this collaborative effort is instrumental in curbing disobedience to traffic rules and regulations.


The FRSC appealed to companies along the state’s corridors to actively engage in driver training programs. The initiative aims to minimize road traffic crashes and contribute to a safer road network. Uga particularly addressed the significance of cultivating a change in attitudes and driving culture, emphasizing that this is fundamental in ensuring the effectiveness of traffic safety measures.


Reiterating their commitment, the FRSC expressed determination to sustain aggressive public advocacy throughout 2024.

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