July 16, 2024

No Gree For Anybody: Depth Beyond Violence


By: JP Ashedzi


The year 2024 is still considered a new year as we are just a few days into it considering how many days make up the year, but a maxim that came in with the year can in some ways be called old.


As Nigerians, it is a norm to bring the worst out of any situation and turn it into a reason for laughter and that is why until a long time to come, Nigerians will still be considered as part of the happiest people on earth. Our disposition to bad situations usually stands in contrast with the situation itself.


Dr. Law Mefor in an article on the 13th of January said, “The slogan was created by the netizens to give them the courage to face the economic challenges head-on. Therefore, it is best considered a motivational stunt by the young people of Nigeria to keep going despite crippling poverty, skyrocketing inflation, and rising unemployment.”


The slogan is simply “No gree for anybody”. It is generally accepted that the internet is a universe of its own, but it is not independent of our physical world, hence, the dispositions of netizens have an effect on our individual lives.


This slogan has seeped through the minds of individuals, and it has now, to an extent borne an effect on how we see things. Truth be told, the ‘no gree for anybody’ maxim forebodes violence, that is why the Nigerian police at some point had to send a stern warning on the issue.


It is important to keep in mind that anything no matter how good can metamorphose into something bad if its excesses are not checked has the Nigerian Police deserves accolades for doing its job properly.


We have seen how people are using it the maxim as an excuse to fight for what may or may not be even right. I no go gree for you has opened up doors of violence because, as we all agree, Nigerians will always be Nigerians.


However, it is only a shallow minded individual who does not give deep thought to the wisdom captured in that short sentence that will waste decide to take the violence in it.


What else it captures is a conscious effort to not permit situations around you decide your dispositions about life.


The maxim in short means ‘never give up’. Always be mindful of the fact that for you, giving up is not an option. This means therefore that no matter the size of the mountain that stands before you, you are always the one facing it; hence you are up to the task.


Challenges should not be what defines us, instead, they should give us a reason to keep going. Take for instance, you are faced with the challenge of mobility, and you gave to trek long distances to get to work daily, before starting every morning, tell your mind that you are working out and this contributes to your general wellbeing.


Let’s take having to face a politically challenging situation, turn the problem into a reason to go for research to widen your horizon on the issues before you, no gree for anybody.


Avoid being the one who cowers or backs down, you should be the one with the trophy. Maybe other people won’t give it to you, you take your trophy by mentally, physically and other improving through the offers of a challenge.


No gree for fear

No gree for sapa

No gree for depression

No gree for anybody in fact, no gree for even yourself.


Your mind should not convince you into giving up in 2024. Have an ‘I no go gree year’.

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