June 15, 2024

NCC Suspends Planned Barring of Glo Subscribers from Calling MTN Lines



The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has temporarily halted its plan to bar Glo subscribers from calling MTN lines for 21 days. This decision follows the earlier Pre-Disconnection Notice issued on January 8, 2024, where the commission approved the phased disconnection of Globacom Limited by MTN Nigerian Communications Plc. starting from January 18, 2024. The move was prompted by a longstanding interconnection debt dispute between the telecom companies.


In a statement released on Thursday, the NCC announced the suspension after both parties, MTN and Glo, reached an agreement to resolve all outstanding issues. The commission exercised its regulatory powers to pause the phased disconnection for 21 days from January 17, 2024. While expecting a resolution within this period, the NCC emphasized the necessity for all telecom companies to settle interconnect debts to comply with regulatory obligations.


Further information will be provided …….

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