May 27, 2024

Africa Cup of Nations Round of 16 Fixtures Unveiled: Exciting Matchups Await


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


The anticipation for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Round of 16 has reached its peak as the full fixtures are now confirmed, promising football enthusiasts an array of thrilling encounters.


AFCON Round of 16 Fixtures:


Saturday, January 27:

– Angola vs Namibia

– Nigeria vs Cameroon


Sunday, January 28:

– Equatorial Guinea vs Guinea

– Egypt vs Democratic Republic of Congo


Monday, January 29:

– Cape Verde vs Mauritania

– Senegal vs Ivory Coast


Tuesday, January 30:

– Mali vs Burkina Faso

– Morocco vs South Africa


Football fans can look forward to a weekend and early-week filled with intense matchups and exceptional displays of skill as these teams battle it out for a coveted spot in the quarter-finals.

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