April 18, 2024

Nigerian Breweries Adjusts Beer Prices Amid Rising Production Costs


By: Akinola Eniola


Nigerian Breweries Plc has announced a price review for certain Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in the West Zone, effective from Monday, February 19, 2024. This adjustment is deemed necessary to counter the impact of increased production expenses, as stated in a letter dated February 12, 2024.


“This review has become necessary because of continued rising input costs and the need to mitigate the impact,” the company explained in its communication. Customers who fully paid for orders before the specified date will receive deliveries at existing prices, while orders exceeding the communicated quantity window will be subject to revised pricing.


The move by Nigerian Breweries is part of a larger trend, where several multinational companies have faced challenges in the Nigerian market, leading some to exit or announce plans to exit. Economic uncertainties, policy changes, and rising production costs, aggravated by forex volatility, have contributed to this trend.


This decision by the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company aligns with broader industry dynamics, reflecting the need for businesses to navigate challenges, including fluctuating costs and evolving policy landscapes.


As the company adjusts its prices, it mirrors the ongoing impact of economic changes, providing insight into the complexities faced by businesses in Nigeria’s dynamic market. The broader context includes challenges such as the removal of fuel subsidies and directed monetary policy reforms following President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration in May 2023. These factors contribute to the evolving economic landscape that companies must navigate.

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