June 25, 2024

Ogun State Governor Commended for Timely Pension Payments


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has received commendation for releasing N1 billion for the payment of gratuity to pensioners in the state. Over the last six months, the state government has reportedly disbursed approximately N1.7 billion for the welfare of senior citizens.


The news has been welcomed not only by the pensioners directly affected but also by those concerned about the welfare of the elderly. The gesture is seen as a positive step in addressing the challenges faced by retirees, who often encounter difficulties in receiving their pensions and gratuities.


The article highlights the unfortunate state of pensioners in Nigeria, emphasizing the lack of respect and care for those who dedicated their productive years to serving the country, state, or organization. It contrasts the situation in some advanced countries where senior citizens enjoy benefits like discounted prices on products.


The piece draws attention to the grim realities faced by Nigerian pensioners, including deaths during pension verification processes and retirees struggling with life-threatening illnesses without financial support. The author attributes these challenges to factors such as inconsistent policies, delayed payments, lack of accountability, embezzlement of pension funds, inaccurate records, and incompetence in pension administration.


The prompt release of funds for gratuity and the consistent payment of monthly pensions by Governor Abiodun are praised as indicators of his commitment to the welfare of senior citizens. The article suggests that such actions not only demonstrate appreciation for the sacrifices made by retirees but also serve as an assurance to current workers that they will be cared for upon retirement.

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