July 16, 2024

Shekarau Advocates Annual Recruitment of 50,000 Policemen to Tackle Insecurity



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


Former Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, has raised concerns about Nigeria’s insufficient police force, emphasizing the need for substantial recruitment to bridge the gap. With a population exceeding 200 million, Shekarau proposed an annual recruitment of approximately 50,000 policemen to address the shortage, especially considering that an average of 5,000 policemen leave the service annually due to various reasons.


Speaking on Channels TV Politics Today, Shekarau highlighted the challenge of maintaining a steady recruitment process, citing the inadequacy of the current number of police personnel, which stands at less than a million for the entire country. He emphasized the importance of a comprehensive plan that includes recruitment, equipping, funding, training, and welfare to effectively address the prevailing insecurity.


Shekarau also stressed the significance of community policing and recommended its implementation in consultation with the traditional institution. He urged for the coordination of community watch and intelligence gathering to combat insurgency, emphasizing the need for government support and cooperation with the traditional authorities.


In conclusion, Shekarau highlighted the success of Kano State in addressing security challenges through a collaborative approach involving community policing and engagement with the traditional institution. This report underscores the urgency of strategic and continuous recruitment efforts, coupled with enhanced training and support, to strengthen the country’s security apparatus in the face of rising insecurity.

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