April 18, 2024

5 Affordable Foods to Navigate Hardship in Nigeria

5 Affordable Foods to Navigate Hardship in Nigeria

5 Affordable Foods to Navigate Hardship in Nigeria


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye

As economic challenges persist, many Nigerians are grappling with the rising cost of living, especially when it comes to securing affordable and sustaining food options. Here are five economical foods that can assist Nigerians in navigating the current hardship:

1. Garri:
A versatile food item that can be incorporated into various meals, paired with soups, or consumed as a standalone dish. Garri remains one of the most cost-effective meal choices during challenging times.

2. Noodles:
With just N400, you can obtain two packets of noodles, providing a quick and budget-friendly meal option to alleviate hunger during the day.

3. Bread:
For as little as N500, a loaf of bread can be purchased and enjoyed with butter or stew, offering a simple and affordable source of sustenance.

4. Yam:
Investing N1,000 to N1,200 allows you to buy a tuber of yam, providing multiple servings depending on your consumption, making it a relatively economical food choice.

5. Vegetables:
Amid hardship, vegetables present an affordable option for those who wish to prepare soup and serve it alongside other solid foods or rice.

In response to the food crisis, the Federal Government has reassured Nigerians that food items from the National Food Reserves will be released. The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, emphasized that major millers and commodity traders would be engaged to ensure the availability of essential food items. The government is committed to intervening and collaborating with stakeholders to address the challenges faced by citizens in accessing affordable food options.

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