May 27, 2024

Dapo Abiodun’s Strategic Approach: A Beacon in Palliative Measures


In a calculated move to address the pressing socio-economic challenges faced by the people of Ogun State, Governor Dapo Abiodun unveiled a comprehensive N5 billion intervention fund during a press conference at the Olusegun Osoba Press Centre in Abeokuta. The governor’s succinct announcement outlined a multi-faceted approach covering education, health, workers’ deductions, and food palliatives, aiming to mitigate the impact of rising living costs and inflation.

Governor Abiodun elucidated the plan, including providing essential support to education with a minimum of five exercise books for all 850,000 students in public primary and secondary schools. Additionally, a one-time N10,000 education support grant for 100,000 pupils and a N50,000 education grant for 27,600 indigent tertiary students nationwide were emphasized. The health sector is set to benefit from insurance health cover for over 70,000 beneficiaries, free pre-natal care, an extra N5,000 per birth, and free post-natal care in State Hospitals and Primary Health Care centers. Moreover, food palliatives are earmarked for about 300,000 households across the state.

Addressing concerns about the distribution of food palliatives, the governor assured that it would be executed through the social register established during the COVID-19 pandemic. This register, which includes data on vulnerable citizens, was previously utilized to efficiently distribute food during the pandemic, showcasing Ogun State’s effective governance.

Governor Abiodun’s visionary leadership is underscored by creativity, strategic risk-taking, and a growth mindset. His proactive interventions, such as the immediate payment of N10,000 to workers and reduction of working days during the fuel subsidy removal, reflect his commitment to the welfare of the people. The state’s foresightedness in anticipating the subsidy removal, coupled with initiatives like the conversion of public transport to gas-powered vehicles, demonstrates strategic planning to alleviate economic impacts.

As Ogun State faces critical challenges, Governor Abiodun’s pragmatic intervention with the N5 billion fund is a beacon of hope. The comprehensive approach, aligning with the ISEYA mantra (Improvement in Education, Health, Security, and Agriculture), ensures that the state remains at the forefront of welfare initiatives. The multiplier effects of this intervention are expected to reverberate positively, providing relief to students, parents, and vulnerable groups, showcasing Ogun State’s resilience under Governor Dapo Abiodun’s leadership.

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