June 24, 2024

Minister of State for Labour and Employment Assures Nigerian Workers of Improved Welfare Under Tinubu-Led Administration



The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mrs Nkeiruka Chidubem Onyejeocha, has provided assurance to Nigerian workers, asserting that they can expect a better deal under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Following a constructive discussion with President Tinubu on issues concerning workers’ welfare, Mrs Onyejeocha conveyed the president’s genuine commitment to ensuring that Nigerians, especially workers, lead decent lives. She emphasized President Tinubu’s dedication to the welfare of workers and the overall well-being of the Nigerian populace.


During a press statement, Minister Onyejeocha shared insights from her meeting with President Tinubu, stating, “Today, I had the privilege of meeting Mr President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We had a fruitful discussion, and he is sincerely committed to the welfare of workers and Nigerians at large.” She further relayed President Tinubu’s assurance that Nigerian workers are a top priority and that he would not play politics with the lives of any Nigerian.


“Mr President assured me that Nigerian workers are one of his priorities, stating that he will not let them down. He also urged Nigerians to remain calm, for he will not let them down,” added Minister Onyejeocha.


Addressing the ongoing discussion about the proposed N1 million new minimum wage by organized labor, the minister highlighted the democratic approach being taken. She explained, “That is why we have the tripartite committee, which means that three people or segments will sit and decide on what will be the new minimum wage. No one arm or a particular person can decide on it alone. It will be a collective decision for the good of all Nigerians.”


Minister Onyejeocha revealed that the tripartite committee, set up by the federal government, has scheduled meetings beginning this week to deliberate on the new minimum wage. The collaborative approach aims to ensure that decisions are made collectively, taking into account the interests and welfare of all Nigerians.

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