April 18, 2024

National Economic Council Takes Measures to Alleviate Economic Hardship and Enhance Food Security

National Economic Council Takes Measures to Alleviate Economic Hardship and Enhance Food Security


In a significant move to address economic challenges and boost food security, the National Economic Council (NEC) has undertaken decisive steps. During its 139th meeting chaired by Vice President Kashim Shettima, NEC pledged to ensure the availability of fertilizers to farmers and establish Agro-Rangers to combat insecurity in farms.


The council acknowledged the crucial role of fertilizers in agricultural productivity and urged state governors to adopt modern agricultural practices for increased productivity. It also deliberated on the short-term establishment of Agro-Rangers and the long-term creation of state police to address security threats faced by farmers, following a presentation by the Minister of Police Affairs, Sen. Ibrahim Geidam.


NEC is planning to release 42,000 metric tonnes of food commodities from the National Strategic Reserve to counter rising prices. The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Kyari Abubakar, emphasized the need to address the dollarization of locally produced commodities like urea, impacting fertilizer prices and agricultural productivity.


In response, Vice President Shettima directed a meeting with major fertilizer producers, including Indorama, Dangote, and Notore. He stressed the importance of developing a clear and actionable roadmap through short-term, medium, and long-term strategies to overcome economic challenges, calling for sound economic decisions aligned with the expectations of Nigerians.


Shettima emphasized President Bola Tinubu’s desire for collective efforts to safeguard the nation’s economy, considering the interconnectedness of dysfunctions in various sectors. He highlighted the strategic importance of securing arable lands from violence, not only as a security matter but as a move to revive the economic vitality of the nation.


Acknowledging the citizens’ concerns about tangible results, Shettima urged NEC members to remain attuned to the nation’s heartbeat and ensure decisions resonate with the aspirations of the common people facing economic hardships.

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