June 24, 2024

Grand Farewell: Celebrating the Illustrious Life of Otunba Engr. (Major) Micheal Adekunle Orekoya at Opulent Three-Day Ceremonial Send-off


By: Oluwapelumi & Emmanuel


In an unparalleled display of grandeur and solemnity, family, friends, and an exclusive assembly of dignitaries congregated to bid a final farewell to the late Otunba Engr. (Major) Micheal Adekunle Orekoya, affectionately known as Baba Major.


The elaborate burial ceremonies commenced on Thursday, the 22nd of February 2024, with a poignant wake-keep ceremony, seamlessly transitioning to the dignified burial ceremony on the following day. Culminating this three-day commemoration was a private party held at the opulent 62.37 Event Centre, aptly named “The Marquee.”


This exclusive gathering was attended by individuals who received personalized invitations, each bearing an invitation card as a token of admittance. Among the distinguished attendees was His Royal Majesty, Oba Alaiyeluwa Sikiru Adeola Bello of Legunsen Ilupeju, Sagamu. The after-party at the 62.37 Event Centre served as a culmination of the preceding days’ events, providing a space for reflection, unity, and shared memories.


The meticulously organized affair adopted a “pick the food you want to eat” policy, allowing attendees to indulge in a lavish array of culinary delights and beverages. The atmosphere resonated with an aura of camaraderie and collective remembrance, as those present sought solace and closure in the wake of the mourning period.

The event unfolded as a testament to the extraordinary life and contributions of Otunba Engr. (Major) Micheal Adekunle Orekoya, reinforcing the notion that even in the solemnity of farewells, there exists an opportunity for celebration and appreciation of a life well-lived.

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