May 27, 2024

NLC Suspends Nationwide Protest, Extends Ultimatum to FG



The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has announced the suspension of its nationwide protests after the first day, citing the achievement of key objectives. The decision was disclosed in a communiqué following the National Executive Council meeting, emphasizing the overwhelming success attained on the initial day of the demonstration.


The statement reads, “Consequently, NEC-in-session resolved as follows: to suspend street action for the second day of the Protest having achieved overwhelming success thus attained the key objectives of the 2-day protest on the first day.”


The protests were organized in response to the prevailing economic challenges, including rising inflation, food inflation, forex crisis, and high living costs triggered by the removal of petrol subsidy. Despite last-minute talks between the Presidency and labour leaders, the NLC insisted on proceeding with the protest.


While the street action is suspended, nationwide activities continue with simultaneous press conferences across all states by state councils of the Congress, including the National Headquarters. Additionally, the NLC reaffirmed and extended the 7-day ultimatum by another 7 days, now set to expire on March 13, 2024. This ultimatum urges the government to implement agreements from October 2, 2023, and address other demands presented during the nationwide protest.


The NLC plans to meet and decide on further actions if, upon the expiration of the 14 days, the government fails to comply with the outlined demands.

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