April 18, 2024

Tinubu Rebukes NLC’s Protest, Asserts Commitment to Reforms and People-Centric Governance


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Thursday, criticized the recent Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) protest, asserting that the labor movement is not the sole voice representing Nigerians. During the commissioning of the Lagos Red Line Train, Tinubu cautioned against premature strikes, emphasizing the need for stability as his administration approaches its first year in office.


Addressing the NLC’s concerns about hardship following the removal of fuel subsidy, Tinubu urged the union to recognize that, while entitled to its rights and freedom, it does not exclusively represent the voice of the Nigerian people. He advised, “If you want to participate in the electoral process, wait until 2027. If not, maintain peace; you are not the only voice of Nigerians.”


Undeterred by opposition to reforms, Tinubu affirmed his administration’s unwavering commitment to its agenda. With the abolishment of fuel subsidy and other ongoing reforms, he reiterated the focus on improving the lives of the people. Tinubu pledged to combat corruption and smuggling, anticipating resistance but expressing determination to prevail in the interest of national progress.


Highlighting the significance of the red line commissioning, Tinubu recalled a vision he conceived 25 years ago during his tenure as the governor of Lagos State. He called for increased collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and other states to expand railway infrastructure nationwide.


In the face of challenges, Tinubu affirmed, “This economy, we will grow it; we will feed ourselves out of penury, and we will be happy that we did it. If it is corruption, we must exterminate it no matter how hard it is fighting back… Nigeria will be out of economic problems.”

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