May 27, 2024

Pastor Detained for Alleged Rape of Minor in Ogun State


The Ogun State Police have detained a Cherubim and Seraphim pastor, Adeleye Dada Dollar, for years of raping and impregnating a minor.

The victim’s mother, Joke Adekunle, said the incident took place after she scolded her child on January 8, 2024, for misbehaving and asked her not to go to her shop. She had packed her schoolbooks out of her bag and filled it with her clothes instead, when she got back home at night Kabirat had left.

Joke, worried about her daughter’s sudden departure, contacted the pastor, Adeleye Dada Dollar, but received no response. When the pastor eventually showed up, he claimed to have missed the calls due to a faulty phone.

Joke informed the pastor about her daughter’s disappearance and inquired if Kabirat was at his place, to which he denied any knowledge of her whereabouts. Despite the denial, the pastor actively participated in the search for Kabirat, visiting Joke’s house to offer comfort during the challenging time.

Kabirat was eventually found after her mother made a desperate call for help. The victim, now six months pregnant, revealed during interrogation that the pastor had been sexually assaulting her since 2021. On the day of the incident, Dollar allegedly took her to an uncompleted building where the assault occurred.

When questioned, the pastor pleaded for mercy from the world. The Ogun State Police Command have commenced a thorough investigation into the allegations against Adeleye Dada Dollar, and legal actions are expected to follow as the case unfolds.

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