July 16, 2024

Bishop David Oyedepo Declares Nigeria in a Season of National Distress, Advocates Covenant Stewardship


By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


David Oyedepo Jr., the Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church worldwide, has expressed his concern, declaring that Nigeria is currently experiencing a season of distress. Addressing the congregation during the church’s third service, themed ‘Covenant Day of Fruitfulness,’ Oyedepo emphasized the need for Christian faithful to seek refuge in covenant stewardship.


Using a vivid analogy, Oyedepo Jr. illustrated the importance of having a strong foundation in one’s faith. He likened an individual without covenant practice in Christ Jesus to an empty Ghana-must-go bag raised in a windy environment, suggesting that such a person might be easily swayed. However, he highlighted the resilience of someone anchored in covenant practices, stating that just like a bag filled with a heavy substance, they can resist even the harshest winds.


Meanwhile, the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, David Oyedepo, echoed the call for Christians to extend a helping hand to those in need amidst the prevailing economic challenges. He disclosed that the church has established several Kingdom care outlets through its Winners Satellite Fellowship (WSF) across Nigeria to reach out to the less fortunate.


In an effort to alleviate the economic hardship faced by many Nigerians, Bishop Oyedepo encouraged believers not to perceive seeking help as a sign of weakness. He emphasized the importance of community support and collaboration, reinforcing the notion that reaching out to others in times of need is a strength rather than a weakness.

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