July 16, 2024

RemoGDF Launches Extensive Tutorial Program Ahead of WAEC


By: Oluwapelumi & Emmanuel


To enhance educational standards and accelerate the recovery of academic performance in Remo land, the Remo Growth and Development Foundation (RGDF), under the stewardship of Chairman Otunba Seni Adetu, has initiated a comprehensive tutorial program for SS3 students preparing for the May 2023/2024 West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) exams.


Spearheaded by Redisco, tutorial classes have commenced in four distinct centers in Sagamu, with plans to expand across the entire Remo land.


Under the leadership of Otunba Seni Adetu, RGDF has extended tutorial sessions to encompass various areas within Remo land. Students residing in Ode, Isara, Ipara Remo, and neighboring axis are encouraged to assemble at Saapade Grammar School every Friday and Saturday.


Similarly, students from Christ Apostolic Grammar School, Akesan Community Grammar School, Ajagbe Community, and adjacent areas in Iperu Remo will convene at Christ Apostolic Grammar School for tutorial sessions. Furthermore, students from Ilisan, ilisan High School, Irolu Community High School, Ikenne Community, and surrounding areas are directed to gather at Ilisan High School.


Additionally, students from Lukosi Axis, Emeritus Ogunlesi, Ajabe Community Grammar School, Shimawa High School, Ijagba Community High School, and neighboring axis are urged to attend tutorial classes at Emeritus Ogunlesi Community Grammar School.


Parents and guardians are encouraged to ensure their wards participate actively in these coaching sessions, emphasizing the importance of education in the community’s development.


The initiative, spearheaded by Chairman Otunba Seni Adetu and endorsed by prominent figures such as Mrs. Ronke Soyombo, Chairman of Education & Youth Empowerment, and Oba (Dr.) Babatunde Adewale Ajayi, the Akarigbo and Paramount Ruler of Remo Land, signifies a concerted effort to uplift educational standards and empower the youth for a brighter future.

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