June 24, 2024

Nigerian Lady’s Solo London to Lagos Drive Hits Snag at Sierra Leone Border




Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian lady on a solo trip from London to Lagos, has been denied entry at the Sierra Leonean border due to restrictions against “right-hand drives” in the country. Nubi commenced her two-month solo journey in a car on January 30, 2024, updating her over 40,000 followers via Instagram on Tuesday about the setback.


In her post, Nubi expressed facing relentless challenges at each border crossing, with Sierra Leone officials refusing entry to her “right-hand drive” car. She appealed to her virtual family for words of encouragement, highlighting the significance of their support amidst the ordeal.


Scheduled to arrive in Lagos on March 23 after nearly two months of driving, Nubi’s journey encountered a setback as she awaits resolution at the Sierra Leonean border.

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