July 12, 2024

Gombe United Loses 3 Points andGoals for Assault on Match Officials 



Gombe United has been ducked three points and three goals from its total accrued for the season in a move the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) says is pursuant to its zero tolerance for assault on match officials.


The NPFL in a Summary Jurisdiction notice issued Gombe United said its findings included that Bright Nwosu, the Center Referee, Abdullahi Indabawa, the AR1, Friday Abu Emeje AR2, and Musa Hussainy Talle, the 4th Official were assaulted by the club fans in their MD26 clash against Akwa Utd.


Gombe United was charged with breach of Rules B13.52, B13.18 and C1.1 of the NPFL Frameworks and Rules which arose from failure to provide adequate and effective security leading to access to unauthorised persons to restricted areas, throwing of objects by their supporters to match officials and the visiting team and assault on match officials at the end of the game.


In addition to the points deduction,  the NPFL also imposed a total fine of N3million on the club made up of N1million each for failure to provide adequate and effective security, for throwing objects unto the field of play and compensatory payments to the four match officials at N250,000 each.


The NPFL also issued an order closing the Pantami Stadium to fans of Gombe United for the next three (3) home games.


Gombe United has 48 hours from the date of receipt of the sanctions to accept in writing to submit to the rulings or elect to face a disciplinary panel in accordance with Rule C26.

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