July 16, 2024

Germany Continues Strategic Collaboration with Remo Chamber of Commerce for Capacity Building Project



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


The Remo Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture has further solidified its longstanding partnership with the Germany Chamber of Commerce, as they embark on a renewed effort to enhance the capacity of its members and foster international alliances.


This ongoing collaboration underscores their commitment to addressing the evolving needs of chamber members, boosting revenue generation, providing tailored services, and reinforcing advocacy efforts.


Led by President Engr Olatunji Adeniyi and the dedicated executive members of the Remo Chamber of Commerce, including former president Chief Mrs. Adesola Olayinka Adebutu of OGUNCIMA, the alliance builds upon previous successes and initiatives.


Under the astute leadership of Project Coordinator Mrs. Neale Lahrmann-Muniru and the assistance of Mr. Olaleye Sheriff, the project continues to revolutionize the landscape of the Remo Chamber of Commerce.


Having commenced last year, the project has already made significant strides in assessing the specific needs of RECCIMA’s members and tailoring bespoke solutions to address them comprehensively. Ongoing programs encompass revenue development, advocacy, access to markets, and access to finance.


Central to the project’s vision is the empowerment of youth entrepreneurs through skill acquisition sessions, mentorship programs, and trade fairs aimed at showcasing Nigerian products and export-ready goods. Additionally, sessions on financial literacy and fintech services are set to benefit women entrepreneurs and youth members of the chamber.

With a rich history of collaboration and a shared commitment to driving economic growth within the region, the continued partnership between Germany and RECCIMA holds significant promise for fostering sustainable development and prosperity.


Through strategic partnerships and concerted efforts, the project aims to unlock the full potential of RECCIMA’s members and propel the chamber towards a prosperous future.

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