April 18, 2024

Traditionalists Call for Inclusion of Traditional Religious Knowledge in School Curriculum


The Traditional Religion Worshippers’ Association has urged the Federal and State Governments to establish schools where traditional religious knowledge would be taught as a subject, aiming to preserve Yoruba culture and tradition among younger generations.


Speaking in Ibadan, the Secretary of the Oyo State branch of the association, Fayemi Fakayode, emphasized the importance of incorporating traditional religious knowledge into primary and secondary school curricula, similar to Islamic Religious Knowledge and Christian Religious Knowledge.


Fakayode highlighted the necessity of proper education to dispel misconceptions about Yoruba history and traditions, emphasizing the misinterpretation of African origin and culture leading to erroneous perceptions about traditional religion.


During the installation of two Brazilians as Mayegun and Yeye Mayegun of Ìjọ Ìmọ́lẹ̀ Olódùmarè Àgbáyé, Fakayode underscored the importance of equipping younger generations with culturally based knowledge to foster patriotism and deter foreign influence.


He called on traditionalists to initiate efforts to introduce traditional religious knowledge as a subject in schools, urging government support for its inclusion in school syllabi and curricula.


With traditional religious knowledge integrated into education, Fakayode believes that future generations will be empowered to understand and appreciate their religion, culture, tradition, and history without reliance on external sources.

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