May 27, 2024

Lagos State Government Proposes Extension of Blue Rail Line to Agbara in Ogun





The Lagos State Government is in active negotiations with the Ogun government to extend the Blue Rail Line further to Agbara in a bid to bolster transportation connectivity and regional integration. Mr. Olasukanmi Okusaga, Director of Rail Transport at the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (LAMATA), shared this development on Tuesday during an inspection tour of the ongoing construction of the Blue Line Phase 2 project in Lagos.


Expressing contentment with the current progress of the project, Okusaga shed light on the ambitious expansion plans, emphasizing the collaborative synergy between Lagos and Ogun states. He revealed that the project, which was awarded in 2023, is scheduled for completion within a three-year timeframe. It will encompass six stations in Festac, Alakija, Trade Fair, Volkswagen, LASU, and Okokomaiko, alongside the construction of three bridges in Maza Maza, Satellite town, and LASU, spanning a total distance of 14 kilometers.


Additionally, Okusaga outlined key infrastructure enhancements, including the establishment of a depot in Okokomaiko, as integral components of the Blue Rail Line’s expansion initiative. The proposed extension to Agbara holds significant promise for facilitating improved transportation access and catalyzing economic growth across the region, thereby benefitting residents and businesses alike.

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