June 24, 2024

Rice Prices Drop Across Nigeria as Naira Rebounds



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


In the wake of the recent strengthening of the naira against the dollar, the price of a 50-kilogram bag of rice has significantly decreased across various regions in Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Ogun, and border communities. The price decline marks a notable shift from the high prices witnessed in previous months, offering relief to consumers.


In communities situated near the borders, such as Imeko, Idiroko, and Oja-Odan in Ogun State, a bag of rice is now available for purchase at approximately N49,000 or even lower, reflecting a substantial reduction compared to prices in urban centers.


According to reports, the decline in rice prices has been more pronounced for foreign parboiled rice compared to local varieties. This downward trend follows a period of soaring rice prices, which reached as high as N90,000 per bag in Lagos between February and March 2024.


The reduction in rice prices is attributed to several factors, including changes in exchange rates, supply dynamics, and government policies. The recent appreciation of the naira against other currencies has played a significant role in making imported goods more affordable, contributing to the decline in rice prices.


Traders and consumers alike have welcomed the decrease in rice prices, noting the positive impact on household budgets. While consumers express relief at the more affordable prices, economists caution that sustained stability in the rice market is essential for long-term economic health.


Despite the overall decrease in rice prices, some disparities in market rates across different regions have been observed. While prices have dropped in some areas, others have reported relatively high prices, indicating regional variations in pricing dynamics.

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