June 24, 2024

Ogun Chief Judge Grants Amnesty to Three Prison Inmates



During a visit to the Ilaro Correctional Centre in Yewa South local government area, the Ogun State Chief Judge, Justice Mosunmola Dipeolu, pardoned three inmates to help reduce congestion in correctional facilities.


During her visit to the Ilaro Correctional Centre, Justice Dipeolu expressed concern over the dire conditions prevailing in correctional facilities across the country, emphasizing the need to address overcrowding. She underscored the plight of inmates, particularly those awaiting trial, who endure hardship without being found guilty.


Acknowledging the persistent challenges faced by the justice system in expediting cases, Justice Dipeolu vowed to tackle the root causes of congestion while ensuring swift judicial processes. She highlighted the unacceptable situation of inmates awaiting trial for several years, pledging decisive action to address such cases.


As part of the jail delivery exercise, Justice Dipeolu identified three inmates—Joseph Apan, Nureni Oladosu, and Babatunde Fagbayi—who were granted amnesty and released from custody. The move aims to ease overcrowding and alleviate the suffering of inmates awaiting trial.


In appreciation of the chief judge’s initiative, the Controller of the Correctional Centre, Saliu Adepoju, commended her commitment to upholding the principles of justice and fairness. He expressed gratitude to Justice Dipeolu and her team for their efforts in promoting judicial integrity and addressing the challenges facing correctional facilities.

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