May 27, 2024

Bayern Munich Manager Tuchel Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Controversial Refereeing Decision



By: Emmanuel Ibitoye


In a post-match interview following Bayern Munich’s Champions League defeat to Real Madrid, manager Thomas Tuchel expressed feeling ‘betrayed’ by a contentious refereeing decision that impacted the outcome of the match.

Despite taking the lead through Alphonso Davies in the 68th minute, Bayern Munich suffered a stunning comeback defeat as Joselu netted a late brace for Real Madrid. However, controversy arose after Mattheus De Light’s goal was disallowed for offside.


Speaking to TNT Sports after the game, Tuchel voiced his frustration, labeling the decision as “against the rules” and indicating that the linesman had issued an apology. He stated, “It feels like a betrayal in the end… It’s against the rules. It’s a disaster. It’s hard to swallow, but that’s the way it is.”


Tuchel further elaborated on the sequence of events, highlighting a “very unusual mistake” from a Bayern Munich player leading to the equalizer, followed by the conceded goal in stoppage time. He criticized the linesman’s decision to raise the flag despite Bayern Munich gaining possession and taking a shot on goal.


Despite the linesman’s apology, Tuchel emphasized the frustration and disappointment felt by the team, asserting that the decision had significant consequences for the match’s outcome.

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