May 27, 2024

Utilize Complaint Response Unit for Reporting Officers’ Misconduct – NPF




The Nigeria Police Force has urged citizens to utilize its Complaint Response Unit at the Force Headquarters to report any misconduct or wrongdoing by its officers.


This call to action was made by CSP El-Musta Sani, Head of the unit, during a Summit organized in Abuja by the Public Complaints Commission (PCC) in partnership with the Foundation for Youth Empowerment and Social Justice.


During the Summit, CSP El-Musta Sani emphasized the significance of the Complaint Response Unit, established in 2015, as a platform for addressing complaints against police officers from the public. He revealed that since the beginning of 2024, the unit has received 459 complaints via social media platforms, with 265 cases successfully resolved and 195 currently under investigation.


Sani expressed concern that many Nigerians were unaware of the channels available to report complaints. He outlined that complaints can be submitted through WhatsApp, Twitter handles, phone calls, and walk-in petitions, with the Unit directly accountable to the Office of the Inspector General of Police through the Public Relation Officer.


In response to these challenges, Sani assured increased sensitization efforts to educate the public on utilizing the Complaint Response Unit effectively.

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