June 24, 2024

Nigerian Entrepreneur Hallen Williams Sets World Record for Widest Wig



By Tosing Praise


Nigerian entrepreneur Hallen Williams has set a new world record for the widest wig. Hallen crafted an impressive hairpiece measuring 3.65 meters (11 feet 11 inches) in width, which extends dramatically outward to the floor.


The Guinness World Records recognized her achievement on their official website, noting that the professional wig maker began working on this record-breaking project in February and completed it in just over a month.


The wig is made from more than 800 bundles of auburn hair, cost Williams 4,138,200 Naira ($2,719; £2,150) in materials.


Hallen Williams is no stranger to breaking records; she previously held the title for the longest handmade wig in 2023.

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