June 24, 2024

Former Governor Sule Lamido Asserts Nigeria’s Capacity to Pay Higher Minimum Wage




Former Jigawa State Governor, Sule Lamido, has affirmed that Nigeria possesses ample resources to accommodate a significantly higher national minimum wage, challenging the government’s current stance on wage proposals.


During a recent appearance on Channels Television, Sule Lamido, the former Governor of Jigawa State, declared that Nigeria’s wealth and resources are sufficient to meet any proposed minimum wage, highlighting discrepancies in government expenditure and budget processes.

Lamido’s remarks come amid ongoing negotiations between organized labor and the Nigerian government over the national minimum wage. The government proposed a N62,000 minimum wage, which labor unions have rejected, initially demanding N494,000 before lowering their request to N250,000. State governors have claimed they cannot afford even the N62,000 figure.


Lamido criticized the government’s financial management, citing a massive infrastructure project as evidence of available funds. “If the government can embark on an N17 trillion project that is not in the budget, not advertised, not tendered for, or did not go through due process, it means that Nigeria got the money,” Lamido stated.


He questioned the transparency and legislative oversight of such expenditures, suggesting that the existence of these funds implies the capacity to meet higher wage demands.


“Nigeria is very rich with resources and can overcome any problem and pay any amount we feel is responsible for Nigerians,” Lamido continued. He emphasized that the ability to finance large-scale projects without following standard budgetary protocols indicates the availability of funds. “How can a government execute a budget of N17 trillion without a budget or passing through the National Assembly, it means the money is there; there is money in Nigeria. If they can carry out such a project, then they can pay any minimum wage.”

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