June 24, 2024

Oriental Derby Abandonment: Rangers Get 3 Points and 3 Goals, Enyimba Fined N10m, Rangers Fined N5m for Security Lapses




The League management has handed down a decisive verdict in the wake of the abandoned Oriental Derby between Rangers and Enyimba. Following the incident that led to the match being called off at 90+9 minutes, Rangers has been awarded three points and three goals, while Enyimba faces a hefty fine of N10 million.


Furthermore, three Enyimba players – Akanni Elijah, Eze Ekwutoziam, and Chibuke Nwaiwu – will face sanctions pending the outcome of a thorough investigation.


In a related development, Rangers of Enugu have also been fined a total of N5 million for various infractions during the match. The breakdown of the fine is as follows:

– N2 million for over-ticketing

– N1 million for failing to provide adequate security

– N1 million for failing to implement crowd control measures

– N1 million for allowing unauthorized bodies to access restricted areas


Rangers have also been ordered to implement more effective crowd control mechanisms in subsequent games to avoid similar incidents.

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